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At CAPP we understand the regulatory complexities of enterprise data and privacy governance and partner with your IT, Legal and Compliance teams to develop strategies tailored to the challenges of your business environment.

Our Focus: You, The Customer

By complementing your policy framework, human resources, and toolsets with our best approaches to Information Governance approaches, CAPP  empowers your workforce to refine its knowledge management capabilities, practice defensible destruction and improve regulatory audit outcomes. In effect, we are future-proofing our clients for a business world destined to face increased scrutiny, under siege from data breaches and privacy pressures with seemingly no end in sight. Applying Information Governance to your data management programs and policies is our specialty.

We support a variety of data privacy management platforms which include privacy impact assessments, data subject fulfillment workflows, data mapping, vendor assessments, policy adherence tools, and records retention enforcement.

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For over twenty years we’ve helped both Fortune 500 companies and revered entities including Farmers Insurance, Paramount Pictures, Relativity Media and Kilpatrick Townsend transform their records, information management, and Privacy programs. We created Compliance & Privacy Partners to offer companies the same strategies and tools that we know have worked for the many great companies we’ve had the pleasure of serving.  Contact us to learn more about what makes CAPP’s expertise different than our competitors and our offerings.


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Present opportunities for better governance to avoid fines and litigation exposure

Help reduce expenses and monetize the information lifecycle

Foster trust to enhance customer experiences

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