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“It is not important to make many pictures, but that I have one picture right.” Piet Mondrian... As brands and consumers develop a deeper awareness of the importance of protecting their data, the idea of sharing less is becoming a more prudent, preferential, and effective approach to governance.


“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” John F. Kennedy... Our Gaps are Opportunities strategy is rooted in a meditation on the importance of listening and observation and proves in short order wherever we look, especially in the weakest areas of a business, that there is always room for optimization.


“You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people and I’ll build the business right back again.” Henry Ford... . Relationship building is, has always been and will always be, the most seminal skill and strategy we should practice and master.

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