Data Governance

Data Governance Services: File Analysis, Inventories, Data Cleanup and More

CAPP provides roadmaps and data governance tools needed to lead you down a path of compliance, defensibility, and monetization. The following solutions may be available as part of our core solutions or may serve as individual project offerings.

File Analysis 

CAPP Data Governance

The tricky thing about new laws like the CCPA is that they require companies to find and produce data for the consumer wherever it lives. That can be a cumbersome test for many entities that have hundreds or thousands of repositories. Luckily, advanced File Analysis tools can plug directly into your network and help quickly identify sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII). They can also help you deduplicate records and find redundant, obsolete, and trivial data clogging your systems, also known as ROT.

Content Migrations 

Unless you’ve only lived in one home your entire life, you’ve probably experienced the cathartic process of cleansing your old wares in preparation for a move. Bringing in a new content management system is not much different and it’s a unique opportunity to apply retention to your data, discard ROT and provide employees with more accurate knowledge resources.

Process Analysis and Restructuring

Engagements include a full analysis followed by program/policy development and then implementation of a practical retention schedule. The approaches for analyzing your processes are customized based on the culture and firm’s objectives and may include:

  • Understanding digital utilization and other activities, document production practices (scanning, printing, copying) current and future needs.
  • IT representative interviews and questions regarding networks and applications, as well as long term technology goals.
  • Interviews with various end-users in the Firm including secretaries, paralegals, attorneys, or administrative staff.
  • Review of document routing software utilization and retrieval of key reports.
  • Analysis of (E)DMS and/or (E)RMS systems
  • A detailed analysis of the copy, print, scan, fax, finding, and other production volumes on ALL devices, MFDs,
    printers, etc., broken down by user groups
  • File Opening and Closing (New Business Intake) Procedures – Review processes and technology used to open and close files.

Mainframe & Legacy System Decommissioning Services

Organizations face increased risk due to the aging of their hardware, software, and access to data in legacy systems. They are becoming more difficult to maintain and support.  Retirement or decommissioning of a corporation’s mainframe servers or legacy systems requires IT departments to answer a number of questions. Don’t trust the due diligence piece of your server decommissioning project to just anybody. Let a team of experienced Information Governance Professionals see you through the challenges.

Support for Change Management Initiatives

We understand the challenges of change. That’s why we partner with you to develop and implement information management strategies tailored to your unique business environment.