Don’t Risk Millions of Dollars in Fines by Disregarding California’s New Privacy Laws

Our Certified Information Privacy Managers provide Privacy Impact Assessments, Policy and Program Guidance, Data Request Workflows, PII Data Mapping, and More

What you need to know and do to ensure compliance with California’s new Consumer and Privacy Rights Acts – New regulations governing the use of customer and personal data needn’t be burdensome.  Rather, they help reduce expenses, and monetize the information lifecycle, identify opportunities for better governance to avoid fines and litigation exposure, and foster trust to enhance customer experiences. Compliance & Privacy Partners helps companies comply with:

  • Data and resource mapping
  • Conducting gap and risk assessments
  • Controls evaluation of standards
  • Establishing governance with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Policies and procedures review
  • Domestic and International legal review of privacy and security policies to fit the organization’s risk profile and culture
  • Consumer data request and delivery mechanism (including website notices)
  • Providing education and training

Take charge of your information governance challenges by contacting us today for a free consultation about your obligations under privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and the California Privacy Rights Act.