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Real Estate Privacy Programs

The real estate industry needs to take action to ensure compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Balanced against this new law are increasing consumer demands which drive the real estate market. Consumers are demanding a single, often mobile, experience in all aspects of their lives. This includes both where they live and where they work. Many organizations, particularly residential real estate organizations, now have a wide range of data points on their residents used to provide and enhance the services in the manner residents have shown a preference for.

Real estate owners, service providers, and property management firms are offering smart home technology in residential units, which can track household preferences through digital devices. Temperature adjustments can be made remotely through smart thermostats, using an application available on a mobile phone or other digital devices. Others are adding additional security features to protect their residents and tenants, such as package tracking, security cameras, and electronic visitor logs – services often provided through third parties.  With multiple devices installed across properties collecting data, it’s easy to see how the threshold of 50,000 could be reached in a geographic area the size of California.

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