Real estate businesses must ensure compliance with the new California privacy regulations. Even if they’re not based in the state.

privacy act real estate
Real estate companies in California now face fines and penalties for non-compliance.

And complicating California’s new privacy act, and similar regulations across the United States, are increasing consumer demands for convenience! That need to provide a smooth customer experience often results in real estate organizations collecting a wide range of data points. And personally identifiable information on their residents and other customers then becomes subject to compliance laws and consumer rights.

Learn more about the California Privacy Act -Real estate owners, service providers, and property management firms are increasingly offering smart home technology in residential units, which can track household preferences through digital devices. All of these data points must be monitored and managed by real estate companies as part of their comprehensive data privacy program.

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Did you know?  The National Association of Realtors strongly supports efforts to protect consumers’ sensitive personal information. Tags: privacy act real estate

Did you also know? New regulations governing the use of consumer’s personally identifiable information (PII) needn’t be burdensome.  In fact, they can help protect your organization, reduce operating expenses, and identify opportunities for better governance that ensure you avoid fines, litigation exposure, and foster trust that enhances customer experiences.

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