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At CAPP we understand the regulatory complexities of enterprise information, data and privacy governance and partner with your IT, Legal and Compliance teams to develop specific strategies tailored to the challenges of your business environment.

Knowledge is power. And it’s the currency upon which businesses and their reputations are built and destroyed. That’s why it’s more important than ever to wisely govern information assets as if they were on our balance sheet. Yet too many organizations are struggling to meet basic legal and operational challenges of managing, protecting and disposing of data. Especially in large, highly regulated enterprises burdened with legacy systems, even the most highly-skilled teams simply don’t know where to start.

Employees shouldn’t feel overwhelmed with their data resources and repositories. That’s why we help companies tackle root causes of innefective information governance (IG) rather than the symptoms. We do this by showing clients exactly how to streamline burdensome compliance requirements. We refocus programs on core IG goals and leverage in-house talent to achieve better future states.

CAPP’s consulting solutions are based on established regulatory frameworks and employ 4 essential Information Governance program building blocks. Those building blocks match corporate policies with best-in class technology, ensuring data remains compliant, defensible and monetized. They include Records Retention, Data and Privacy Governance, Legal Holds and eDiscovery and GRC Policy Management

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