CAPP consultants take a privacy and governance centric approach to discovering, correlating and protecting data to enable comprehensive, accurate compliance, integrity and accountability.

Services include:  Data governance roadmaps, Board level information governance programs, Guidance and support for GDPR, NYDSF & CCPA projects, File analysis, Process Analysis, Global records retention schedules and policies, Support for Office 365, Legacy system decomissioning, IG dashboards and metrics, Content migrations, Change management initiatives, Strategy, technology and process development, Inventorying of data sets, Legal hold programs and CCPA project management.

Benefits and ROI include:

  • Defensibile Destruction – Eliminate unnecessary data held in structured and unstructured repositories in order to reduce costs, decrease breach exposure risk, lower processing costs and streamline compliance audits.
  • Information Security – Protect vital information and critical records by including privacy controls, access management and loss prevention strategies into your overall data governance solutions.
  • Optimized Processes – Implement enterprise wide approaches to Information Governance requirements to cut down on complexity and costs.