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Our privacy training courses are interactive and designed to train employees who handle sensitive data in the essentials of privacy and drive  awareness throughout organizations.

Data Governance and Protection Fundamentals – This training provides learners with the fundamentals they need to understand data governance and data protection concepts, including: what personally identifiable data is; the records and data lifecycle; what data governance means; and why it’s important to organizations that handle personal data and records.

CCPA Overview – This training provides employees with a better explanation of the CCPA and how to both develop and/or enforce the policies and procedures needed by your organization to identify potential issues in data processing that should be addressed.

Our customized on-site or online training packages and workshop can be delivered to specific groups within your company, such as developers, application owners, data owners or database administrators.

Customized Privacy Training includes incorporating details of your organizations data privacy policies and procedures and nuanced requirements for teams who regularly handle sensitive data such as developers, application owners, data owners and database administrators.

In-depth workshops for information governance or other teams seeking to use data for business development such as Business Intelligence and Big Data projects.

What you will learn.

  • CCPA scope: Am I affected and what should I do? Summarizes the scope of the law including key concepts, such as definition of a business and a sale, options for responding and real-world questions.
  • What rights does the CCPA grant consumers? Describes consumers’ rights under the CCPA, including the right to access and deletion, right to opt out of sale and the right to non-discrimination.
  • Meeting compliance requirements Highlights operational concerns and approaches with an emphasis on assessing vendor relationships, meeting obligations for transparency and notice, and responding to consumer access requests.
  • Penalties and enforcement Discusses fines, penalties, legal sanctions and remedies of the CCPA, as well as the California attorney general’s posture and enforcement powers.
  • Current trends Proposed amendments, questions awaiting attorney general guidance or clarification, and the law’s potential impact on various industries, then delivers updates automatically to purchasers.
  • CCPA and the U.S. privacy landscape Federal and state consumer privacy laws in the year preceding CCPA implementation and highlights benefits of a leadership-supported, enterprise-wide privacy strategy.

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